Ostend & BAC 1-11 series 200 & 300 & 400

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Ostend & BAC 1-11 series 200 & 300 & 400

Postby callingostend » Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:38 pm

There were actually 4 different models built of this very noisy plane (when non hushed) these were series 200 300 400 and less noisy series 500 The 111 noise when not hushkitted was one of my favourit planes to watch and hear the take-off (I remember the sunday morning Laker Airways flight model 300 very well!!)
Here are the short bodied versions (200 300 & 400) from Ostend as of 1968 :

G-AVGP Channel Airways
G-AWEJ Channel Airways
G-AWKJ Channel Airways
G-AVGP Autair
G-AVOE Autair
G-AWBL Autair
G-ASJA BUA British United
G-ASJC BUA British United
G-ASJD BUA British United
G-ASJE BUA British United
G-ASJF BUA British United
G-ASJG BUA British United
G-ASJH BUA British United
G-ASJI BUA British United
G-ASTJ BUA British United
G-ASJC BUA Caledonian
G-ASJC Caledonian
G-ASJD Caledonian
G-ASJE Caledonian
G-ASJF Caledonian
G-ASJG Caledonian
G-ASTJ Caledonian
G-ASJC British Caledonian
G-ASJE British Caledonian
G-ASJF British Caledonian
G-ASJG British Caledonian
G-ASJH British Caledonian
G-ASJI British Caledonian
G-ASTJ British Caledonian
G-BKAX British Caledonian
G-ATPK Laker Airways
G-AVBW Laker Airways
G-AVBX Laker Airways
G-AVBY Laker Airways
G-AVYZ Laker Airways
G-BEJM Ford Motor Compagnie
G-BEJW Ford Motor Compagnie
G-AWBL Court Line (green colours)
G-ATPJ Dan-Air London
G-ATPL Dan-Air London
G-ATTP Dan-Air London
G-AXCP Dan-Air London
G-AZED Dan-Air London
G-AVGP British Airways
G-AVOE British Airways
G-BBMF British Airways
G-BBMG British Airways
G-AXBB BIA British Island
G-AXMU BIA British Island
G-AXOX BIA British Island
G-CBIA BIA British Island
G-BGTU Turbo Union
G-WLAD Airways Cymru
G-AZUK Mediterranean Express
G-BBME Birmingham European
G-BBMG Birmingham European
YR-BCR Anglo Cargo
G-TOMO Anglo Cargo
G-AZUK BAF British Air Ferries
G-OCNW BAF British Air Ferries
G-AXBB Okada Air (full colours)
G-AXMU Okada Air (full colours)
G-AXOX Okada Air (full colours)
G-CBIA Okada Air (full colours)
G-BBMF Okada Air (full colours)
G-WLAD Okada Air (full colours)
5N-AOZ Okada Air
5N-AXQ Okada Air
5N-AXT Okada Air
5N-AYR Okada Air
5N-AYW Okada Air
5N-EHI Okada Air
5N-NRC Okada Air
5N-SDP Okada Air
5N-AVX Gas Air Cargo
5N-AYY ADC Airlines
EI-ANE Aer Lingus
EI-ANF Aer Lingus
EI-ANG Aer Lingus
EI-ANH Aer Lingus
1001 Oman Air Force
N401SK Bon Jovi (full title)
EL-ALD Balch Airlines (Afghanistan - full colours)
9Q-CSJ Air Katanga

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1-11 images taken at EBOS

Postby mrshua320 » Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:32 pm

Do any of you on this forum possess any BAC 1-11 jpeg images that you might be able to send to me please. I am very keen to get some images of the Okada Air 1-11s that passed through and any other interesting 1-11s.
I run the BAC 1-11 website at:- www.bac1-11jet.co.uk

Best regards and Happy New Year


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