Ostend & Canadair CL-44

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Ostend & Canadair CL-44

Postby callingostend » Mon Feb 18, 2008 4:10 pm

There were actually 3 models built of this Britannia look-a-like The CL-44-6 Yukon (the smallest version and only ordered by the Canadian Armed Forces, then the standard CL-44D4 and the longest member called CL-44J
The Yukon couldn't open its tail, all the others could be opened serial number 16 was converted to the Guppy (CL-44-0) and could fly again in the future as the last airworthy one..

Here are those who visited Ostend as of 1968 :

G-AWGS Transglobe
G-AWOV Transglobe
G-ATZI BAF British Air Ferries
G-AZIN BAF British Air Ferries
G-ATZI TMAC Transmeridian Air Cargo
G-AWWB TMAC Transmeridian Air Cargo
G-AXAA TMAC Transmeridian Air Cargo
G-AXUL TMAC Transmeridian Air Cargo
G-AZIN TMAC Transmeridian Air Cargo
G-AZKJ TMAC Transmeridian Air Cargo
G-AZML TMAC Transmeridian Air Cargo
N447T TMAC Transmeridian Air Cargo
VR-HHC Transmeridian Air Cargo Hong Kong
G-AZIN Limburg Air Cargo (full colours)
G-AWDK Tradewinds
G-AWGS Tradewinds
G-AWGT Tradewinds
G-AWSC Tradewinds
G-AWOV Tradewinds
G-BRED Redcoat Air Cargo
TR-LVO Air Gabon Cargo
TF-CLA Cargolux
TF-LLA Cargolux
TF-LLI Cargolux
TF-LLJ Cargolux
TF-LLF Loftleidir Iceland
N???SW Seaboard World
N602SA Intexo
N100BB Blue Bell (full Wrangler colours)
N4998S Cargosur
CF-CHC Canhellas (the most rare CL-44 visited Ostend and not Brussels as mentioned in the Canadair CL-44 book !!)
HB-IEN Transvalair
HB-IEO Transvalair
EI-BGO Aer Turas
EI-BRP Aer Turas
EI-BND Heavylift Cargo Airlines
9Q-CQS VIC Air Cargo (full title & Jamahiryan Air Transport colours)
9Q-CQU Virunga Air Cargo (full title & Jamahiryan Air Transport colours)
9Q-CWK Tramaco (full colours)
9G-LCA FIA First International

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Postby callingostend » Sun May 15, 2011 7:49 am

I am still trying to find out wich Seaboard World CL-44 visited Ostend in the seventies ?? Any help ?
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Postby ostend_airport » Sun May 15, 2011 12:02 pm

Sorry, I'm dated from 1987 :hihi: maybe André knows?

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