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Ostend & Boeing 707 series 320C African Airlines

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:07 am
by callingostend
these aircraft made Ostend famous in the nineties
Here are the visitors since 1968 :

OO-SJH Air Zaire (full title & Sabena colours)
OO-SJH Z.I.C.A.S. (full title & Sabena colours - ZICAS means Zaire International Cargo Air System)
OO-SJM Z.I.C.A.S. (full title & Sabena colours)
OO-SJO Z.I.C.A.S. (full title & Sabena colours)
G-BGIS Z.I.C.A.S. (full title & PanAm cheatline)
N722GS World Air Gambia
9G-ACX West Africa Airline (full title & ex British Airways colours)
9G-ACY West Coast Airlines (all blue colours & WCAL title)
9G-RCA E.A.S. Cargo - Rainbow Air (both titles & full EAS colours)
9G-RBO Gas Air Cargo (ex EAS colours)
9G-OLF Phoenix - Race (both titles & Phoenix colours)
9G-ONE Phoenix
9G-TWO Phoenix
9G-ADL African Airlines
9G-ADM African Airlines
9G-EBK Imperial Cargo
9G-ADS FFT Fresh Food Trader (full colours of this former French private venture)
9G-ADS Analinda
9G-JNR Jason Air
9G-SGF Al-Waha Aviation
9G-OOD FIA First International
9G-FIA FIA First International
P4-OOO FIA First International
N448M Zaire Aero Service (full title & Pakistan PIA colours)
OD-AFX Zaire Aero Service (full title & TMA of Lebanon colours)
9Q-CVG Katale Aero Transport (full colours)
9Q-CSB Sicotra Aviation (full colours)
9Q-CSB Skydec (full title & Sicotra colours)
9Q-CKB Zaire Express (full title & Express Cargo colours)
9Q-CVG Zaire Air Lines (full colours and later different variants)
9XR-JA Air Rwanda
9XR-VO Rwandair
N707ZS Jet Cargo (full title & China Airlines colours)
EL-ZGS Jet Cargo
EL-JNS no titles
EL-JNS Pacific Airlines (full colours)
EL-JNS Skyair
EL-ALG Air Tanganica (full colours & Shuttle Air colours)
EL-ALG Shuttle Air Cargo (full colours)
EL-AKJ Occidental Airlines (full colours)
EL-LAT Ariana Cargo (full title)
SU-BBA Air Cargo Egypt
SU-EAA Misr Overseas Airways
SU-FAC Misr Overseas Airways
SU-DAA ZAS Airline of Egypt
SU-DAB ZAS Airline of Egypt
SU-DAC ZAS Airline Of Egypt
SU-DAD ZAS Airline of Egypt
SU-DAI ZAS Airline of Egypt
SU-AOU Egyptair
SU-APD Egyptair
SU-AVX Egyptair
SU-AVY Egyptair
SU-AVZ Egyptair
SU-AXK Egyptair
SU-AVZ National Aviation (full colours)
SU-PBA Air Memphis (full title & ZAS colours)
SU-PBB Air Memphis (full title & ZAS colours)
SU-AVZ Air Memphis (full colours)
TF-VLJ Libyan Arab Airlines (full colours)
5A-DIK Libyan Arab Airlines
5A-DIX Libyan Arab Airlines
5A-DJM Libyan Arab Airlines
5A-DJU Libyan Arab Airlines
5A-DJO United Arab Airlines
5A-DKA (ex Cargolux colours)
5A-DIZ Jamahiryan Air Transport
D2-TAC TAAG Angola Airlines
D2-TAD TAAG Angola Airlines
D2-TAG TAAG Angola Airlines Cargo
D2-TOG TAAG Angola Airlines Cargo
D2-TOI TAAG Angola Airlines
D2-TOJ TAAG Angola Airlines
D2-TOL TAAG Angola Airlines
D2-TOG Angola Air Charter Cargo
D2-TOK Angola Air Charter
D2-TOL Angola Air Charter
D2-TON Angola Air Charter
D2-TOU Angola Air Charter
D2-TOV Angola Air Charter
D2-TOR Angola Air Charter (ex Seagreen Air Transporrt colours)
D2-FAV Air Nacoia (full colours)
5N-ARQ GAS Air Cargo
5N-AWO Gas Air Cargo
5N-AYJ Gas Air Cargo (full title & Bangladesh Biman colours)
5X-DAR Dasair Cargo
5X-JEF Dasair Cargo
5X-JET Dasair Cargo
5N-ARQ Dasair Cargo
5X-JON Dasair Cargo
5N-ARQ Dasair Cargo - L.A. Congolaises
5N-ARQ Allied Air (full colours)
5N-ASY U.A.S. Cargo (full colours)
5N-ASY E.A.S. Cargo Airlines (full colours)
5N-AOQ Okada Air
5N-VRG IAT Cargo (full title & Okada Air colours)
5N-ABJ Nigeria Airways
5N-ABK Nigeria Airways
5N-JIL Foremost Aviation - Kati Air (full colours)
5N-OCL Overnight Cargo
5N-TAS Thames Air (full title & Burlington Express colours)
5N-BBD ADC Airlines
5N-MXX Merchant Express
EL-AKL Amedair
5N-ONE Amedair
5N-EEO Air Atlantic
5N-TNO Air Atlantic
3X-GAZ Air Guinée
ST-AKW Nile Safaris Aviation
ST-ALL Nile Safaris Aviation
ST-ALK TAAT Trans Arabian Air Transport
ST-ALM TAAT Trans Arabian Air Transport
ST-ALP TAAT Trans Arabian Air Transport
ST-ANP TAAT Trans Arabian Air Transport
ST-AMF TAAT Trans Arabian Air Transport
5X-ARJ TAAT Trans Arabian Air Transport
ST-SAC Sudania Air Cargo
ST-GLD Golden Star
9J-AEQ National Air Charters
9J-AFT Starflight
7P-LAN Lesotho Airways
5Y-AXG African Airlines
5Y-LKL Lennox Airways
5Y-SIM Simba Air Cargo
5X-UAC Uganda Airlines
5X-UCM Uganda Airlines (full title & Varig colours)
YA-GAF Uganda Airlines (full title & Varig colours)
5X-TRA Triangle Airlines
5X-JON Air Afrique (full title & Dasair colours)
5X-JEF Air Afrique (full title & Dasair colours)
HR-AMA Race Cargo Airlines
HR-AMA Starflight
HR-AME Impala Air Cargo
7O-ACS Yemenia
C5-GOA Air Gambia
3D-ASB Express Cargo
P4-JCC Ibis Air Transport (full colours)
5N-TAS WAF World Air Freight (full title & Burlington colours - painted for movie "Speed")
5X-GLA Great Lakes Aviation
EL-ACP no titles
9XR-VO no titles
SU-AVZ no titles

Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:33 am
by callingostend
Any idea wich 707s are commercially registered in Africa these days ?