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Regulations for posting topics.

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:47 pm
by Nico
Please read the following guidelines before posting a message in this forum.

It is not permitted to copy ANY info from this board to other places without OUR source!! Please respect this!

A topic title should look like:

[EXP] OST and the date or
[PICS] OST and the date or
[NEWS] OST and the date.

The date of the topic. Should be written in the format (day, month and year separated by periods), e.g. 29.01.2013.

Only in case of a special plane or event at OST, an optional description can be added at the end of the topic title, e.g. the type of aircraft. Please do not add an optional description in case of regular flights.


[EXP] OST 19/01/2013 B707 Omega
[PICS] OST 20/01/2013 Antonov Airlines AN-124

Thank you!