Ostend & Sobelair

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Ostend & Sobelair

Postby callingostend » Thu Mar 20, 2008 4:56 pm

Here are all Sobelair aircraft (leased and owned) seen at Ostend since 1968 :

OO-CTL Douglas DC-6
OO-SBQ SE 210 Caravelle 3
OO-SRB SE 210 Caravelle 6N
OO-SRC SE 210 Caravelle 6N
OO-SRD SE 210 Caravelle 6N
OO-SRI SE 210 Caravelle 6N
EI-CJK Airbus A.300B4 Sobelair titles & TransAer colours
EI-TLB Airbus A.300B4 Sobelair titles & TransAer colours
LX-LGW Boeing707-344 Sobelair titles & Luxair colours
OO-SBU Boeing707-373C Sobelair titles & Air Algerie colours
OO-SBU Boeing707-373C full colours
OO-SBW Boeing707-344 Sobelair titles & Luxair colours
OO-PSI Boeing707-321B Sobelair titles & C.E.R. colours
OO-SJM Boeing707-329C
OO-SDA Boeing737-229
OO-SBJ Boeing737
OO-SBM Boeing737
OO-SBN Boeing737
OO-SBQ Boeing737-229
OO-SBQ Boeing737-229 Air Djibouti titles & sign & Sobelair old colours
OO-SBS Boeing737-229
OO-SBT Boeing737-229
OO-SBX Boeing737-329
OO-SBZ Boeing737-329
OO-SLK Boeing737
F-GFUF Boeing737
LX-LGF Boeing737-4C3
G-BECH Boeing737-204 Sobelair titles GB Airways colours
OO-VJO Boeing737
OO-SLW Boeing737
OO-SBJ Boeing737 Sobelair - Jetair
OO-SBM Boeing737 Sobelair - Jetair
OO-SDV Boeing737-329
OO-RMV Boeing737-408
OO-VEJ Boeing737
OO-VAS Boeing737
OO-VAC Boeing737 Jetair operated by Sobelair
OO-VAS Boeing737 Sobelair operated by Jetair
EI-CLW Boeing737
OO-SBY Boeing767
OO-STF Boeing767
OO-SLR Boeing767
OO-SLS Boeing767

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