Ostend & Sabena

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Ostend & Sabena

Postby callingostend » Sat Mar 15, 2008 4:27 pm

Here you find all Sabena aircraft (owned & leased) from 1968 :

OO-SMA Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMB Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMD Marchetti SF.260
OO-SME Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMF Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMG Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMH Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMI Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMJ Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMK Marchetti SF.260
OO-SML Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMM Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMN Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMO Marchetti SF.260
OO-SMP Marchetti SF.260
OO-SEB Cessna 310
OO-SED Cessna 310
OO-SEE Cessna 310
OO-SEF Cessna 310
OO-SEG Cessna 310
OO-SEH Cessna 310
OO-SEI Cessna 310
OO-SEK Cessna 310
OO-AST BN2B Islander
OO-VDD Beechcraft Queen Air
G-OEMS Beechcraft 200 super King Air
OO-JPK Metroliner
OO-LAW Metroliner
OO-DJC B.Ae146
OO-DJE B.Ae146
OO-DJF B.Ae146
OO-DJG B.Ae146
OO-DJH B.Ae146
OO-DJJ B.Ae146
OO-DJK B.Ae146
OO-DJL B.Ae146
OO-DJN B.Ae146
OO-DJO B.Ae146
OO-DJP B.Ae146
OO-DJS B.Ae146
OO-DJT B.Ae146
OO-DJW B.Ae146
OO-DJZ B.Ae146
OO-DWB B.Ae146
OO-DWC B.Ae146
OO-DWF B.Ae146
OO-DWG B.Ae146
OO-DWH B.Ae146
OO-DWJ B.Ae146
OO-SXA Embraer 121 Xingu
OO-SXB Embraer 121 Xingu
OO-SXC Embraer 121 Xingu
OO-SXD Embraer 121 Xingu
OO-SXE Embraer 121 Xingu
OO-SCD D.H.104 Dove
OO-AUV Douglas DC-3
PH-DDS Douglas DC-4 (for movie)
OO-CTK Douglas DC-6
OO-CTN Douglas DC-6
OO-SDQ Douglas DC-6
OO-SCQ Convair440
OO-SCS Convair440
OO-SCV Convair440
OO-SRA SE.210 Caravelle
OO-SRB SE.210 Caravelle
OO-SRC SE.210 Caravelle
OO-SRD SE.210 Caravelle
OO-SRE SE.210 Caravelle
OO-SRF SE.210 Caravelle
OO-SRG SE.210 Caravelle
OO-SRH SE.210 Caravelle
OO-SRI SE.210 Caravelle
OO-SRK SE.210 Caravelle
OO-WAY Beechcraft 99
OO-WAZ Beechcraft 99
F-BRUN Beechraft 99
OO-DTB Fairchild FH.227B
OO-DTC Fairchild FH.227B
OO-DTD Fairchild FH.227B
OO-SCA Airbus A.310-200
OO-SCB Airbus A.310-200
OO-SCC Airbus A.310-300
OO-SFM Airbus A.330
OO-SFN Airbus A.330
OO-SFO Airbus A.330
OO-SFP Airbus A.330
OO-SFR Airbus A.330
OO-SFS Airbus A.330
F-GNIC Airbus A.340
OO-SCW Airbus A.340
OO-SCX Airbus A.340
OO-SCY Airbus A.340
OO-SCZ Airbus A.340
OO-SSA Airbus A.319
OO-SSF Airbus A.319
OO-SNE Airbus A.320
OO-SUB Airbus A.321
OO-SUC Airbus A.321
OO-SJA Boeing707-329
OO-SJC Boeing707-329
OO-SJD Boeing707-329
OO-SJE Boeing707-329
OO-SJF Boeing707-329
OO-SJG Boeing707-329
OO-SJH Boeing707-329
OO-SJJ Boeing707-329C
OO-SJL Boeing707-329C
OO-SJM Boeing707-329C
OO-SJN Boeing707-329C
OO-SJO Boeing707-329C
OO-STA Boeing727
OO-STB Boeing727
OO-STC Boeing727
OO-STD Boeing727
OO-STE Boeing727
OO-SDA Boeing737-229
OO-SDB Boeing737-229
OO-SDC Boeing737-229
OO-SDD Boeing737-229
OO-SDE Boeing737-229
OO-SDF Boeing737-229
OO-SDG Boeing737-229
OO-SDH Boeing737-229C
OO-SDJ Boeing737-229C
OO-SDK Boeing737-229C
OO-SDL Boeing737-229
OO-SDM Boeing737-229
OO-SDN Boeing737-229
OO-SDO Boeing737-229
OO-SDP Boeing737-229C OO-SDR Boeing737-229C
OO-SDV Boeing737-329
OO-SDW Boeing737-329
OO-SDX Boeing737-329
OO-SDY Boeing737-329
OO-SYA Boeing737
OO-SYB Boeing737
OO-SYD Boeing737
OO-SYE Boeing737
OO-SYG Boeing737
OO-SYH Boeing737
OO-SYI Boeing737
OO-SYJ Boeing737
OO-SYK Boeing737-529
OO-SGA Boeing747-129(SCD)
OO-SGB Boeing747-129(SCD)
OO-SGC Boeing747-329(SCD)
OO-SGD Boeing747-329(SCD)
F-GCBB Boeing747-229B
OO-SLA Douglas DC-10-30CF
OO-SLB Douglas DC-10-30CF
OO-SLC Douglas DC-10-30CF
OO-SLD Douglas DC-10-30CF
OO-SLE Douglas DC-10-30CF
OO-SLG Douglas DC-10-30
OO-SLH Douglas DC-10-30
D-ADJO Douglas DC-10-30
OO-CTC Douglas MD.11
OO-CTS Douglas MD.11
OO-MTD Embraer 120 Brasilia
OO-DTF Embraer 120 Brasilia
OO-DTG Embraer 120 Brasilia
OO-DTI Embraer 120 Brasilia
OO-DTK Embraer 120 Brasilia
OO-SBP Fokker F.27 Friendship
OO-SCA Fokker F.27 Friendship
PH-VGR Fokker F.28 Fellowship
F-BUTI Fokker F.28 Fellowship
F-GBBR Fokker F.28 Fellowship
F-GBBS Fokker F.28 Fellowship
F-GDUY Fokker F.28 Fellowship

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