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Ostend & Iluyshin 76

Postby callingostend » Thu Feb 28, 2008 2:36 pm

UR-76630 Atlant
UR-76443 Atlant
UR-76408 Atlant
UR-76424 Atlant
UR-76321 Atlant
UR-78734 Atlant
UR-76423 Atlant
EW-78801 Atlant - Soyuz
EW-78827 Atlant - Soyuz
EW-76710 Atlant - Soyuz
YL-LAJ Inversija
YL-LAK Inversija
YL-LAL Inversija
UR-76647 Veteran
UR-76684 Veteran
UR-76728 Veteran
EW-76737 Volga Dnepr
76824 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76351 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76353 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76359 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76426 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76428 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76447 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76448 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76449 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76782 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76793 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76794 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76805 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76811 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76813 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76824 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76358 Uzbekistan Airways
UK-76447 AviaLeasing
UK-76447 no titles
UK-76410 no titles
UK-76375 Tashkent Aircraft Production Compagnie
UK-76427 Tashkent Aircraft Production Compagnie
UK-76831 Tashkent Aircraft Production Compagnie
UK-76351 Eats Line
UK-76353 East Line
UK-76359 East Line
UK-76782 East Line
UK-76786 East Line
EW-78839 East Line
UK-76427 Krylo
UK-76805 Inter Cargo Airlines
UR-76715 no titles
UR-78752 Hoseba
76499 Khors Air
UR-78775 Khors Air
UR-76396 Khors Air
UR-76397 Khors Air
UR-76399 Khors Air
UR-76651 Khors Air
UR-76664 Khors Air
UR-78755 Khors Air
UR-UCE Khors Air
UR-UCJ Khors Air
UR-76437 Eco Patrol
UR-76438 Eco Patrol
HA-TCJ Eco Patrol
UR-76614 Skylink
UR-76320 Lana
UR-76716 Lana
UR-76618 Lana
UR-76721 BSL
UR-76730 BSL
UR-76742 BSL
UR-76744 BSL
UR-76759 BSL
UR-76760 BSL
UR-78755 Air Foyle
UR-76571 Belbek Air
UR-76580 Belbek Air
UR-76681 Belbek Air
UR-76441 Avilond
UR-78785 Yuzmashavia
UR-78786 Yuzmashavia
UR-76537 Air Service
UR-76654 Air Service
UR-76655 Air Service
UR-78756 Air Service
UR-76658 Air Service
UR-76665 Air Service
UR-78786 Air Service
UR-76732 Air Service
UR-78774 Air Service
UR-78785 Air Service
UR-78796 Air Service
UR-78734 Air Service
UR-76539 Air Service
UR-76584 Air Service
UR-76622 Air Service
UR-76408 Air Service
UR-76705 Air Service
UR-76778 Air Service
UR-76727 Air Service
UR-76415 Busol
UR-76680 Busol
UR-76412 Busol
UR-76759 ATI Airlines - Payam Air
UR-76767 ATI Airlines
UR-76681 ATI Airlines
UR-78772 ATI Airlines - Payam Air
UR-76629 ATI Airlines
UR-76700 ATI Airlines
UR-76584 ATI Airlines
UR-76633 ATI Airlines
UR-76688 ATI Airlines
UR-78758 ATI Airlines
UR-76716 ATI Airlines
UR-76424 ATI Airlines
UR-78752 ATI Airlines
UR-76777 ATI Airlines
UR-76769 ATI Airlines
UR-78734 no titles
UR-76727 Volare
UR-76704 Volare
UR-76628 Volare
UR-76687 Volare
UR-76636 Volare
UR-76636 East Line
UN-76384 Sayakhat
UN-76385 Sayakhat
UN-76410 Sayakhat
UN-76434 Sayakhat
UN-76442 Sayakhat
UN-76384 Tesis
EK-86724 Yer Avia
EL-WTA Ghostbuster
EL-RDX Air Cess
EW-76837 Belair
EW-76712 Ilavia
EW-78449 Trans Avia Export
EW-78769 Trans Avia Export
EW-78779 Trans Avia Export
EW-78787 Trans Avia Export
EW-78799 Trans Avia Export
EW-78801 Trans Avia Export
EW-78808 Trans Avia Export
EW-78819 Trans Avia Export
EW-78826 Trans Avia Export
EW-78827 Trans Avia Export
EW-78765 Trans Avia Export
EW-78836 Trans Avia Export
EW-78839 Trans Avia Export
EW-78843 Trans Avia Export
EW-78848 Trans Avia Export
EW-78849 Trans Avia Export
ES-NIT Enimex
EX-76815 Kyrghystan Airlines
EX-76446 Dvin Armenia
4K-76677 Veteran
EZ-F421 Turkmenistan
EZ-F422 Turkmenistan
EZ-F423 Turkmenistan
EZ-F424 Turkmenistan
EZ-F425 Turkmenistan
EZ-F426 Turkmenistan
EZ-F427 Turkmenistan
EZ-F428 Turkmenistan
EP-ALE Atlas Air
EP-ALI Atlas Air
EP-ALJ Atlas Air
EP-TPO Payam Air
EP-TPV Payam Air
EP-MAH Mahan Air
HA-TCG Atlant Aerobatics
HA-TCI Total - Euromaster
4K-AZ14 Azerbaidjan Cargo
T9-CAB Phoenix
ST-AQA Phoenix - Transattico
ST-AQB Phoenix - Transattico
ST-APS AZZA Air Transport
UR-UCC Ukrainian Cargo Airways
UR-UCA Ukrainian Cargo Airways
UR-UCY Ukrainian Cargo Airways
UR-76727 East Line
UR-76438 Khors Air
UR-76537 no titles
UR-76759 ATI Airlines
EW-76836 Belair
YI-AKT Iraqi Airways
UR-76636 Air Ukraine
UR-76687 Avia
EK-76446 Dvin Armenia
UK-76410 AviaLeasing
UR-76717 no titles
EW-78828 Trans Avia Export
HA-TCH no titles
HA-TCI no titles
HA-TCJ no titles
UN-76374 East Line
EW-78799 East Line
EW-78826 East Line
UR-76628 East Line
EW-76410 Atlant - Soyuz
EP-JAY Mahan Air
EP-TQI Qeshm Air
EP-TQJ Qeshm Air
UR-UCC Ukrainian Cargo Airways - Skylink
UR-UCE Ukrainian Cargo Airways
UR-UCB Ukrainian Cargo Airways
EK-86817 no titles
EK-76445 Dvin UN WFP
EX-86916 no titles
UN-76371 Air Kazachstan
UN-76374 Air Kazachstan
UR-76778 no titles
UR-UCH Ukrainian Cargo Airways
YL-LAR Inversija
UN-76496 GST Aero
4K-AZ15 Azerbaijan
4K-AZ14 AviaLeasing
UR-78734 Yuzhnoye State Office
UR-78821 Dart Airlines
XT-FCB Faso Airways
UK-76449 East Line
EP-SFB Safiran Cargo
EP-TPU Payam
EW-78792 no titles
4K-AZ16 Azalavia Cargo - Azerbaijan
EK-86817 Yer Avia
UR-UCV Ukrainian Cargo Airways
EX-86917 no titles
UR-UCF Ukrainian Cargo Airways
HA-TCH Atlant Hungarian Airlines
UR-76704 Volare Air Compagnie
4K-78129 ATI Airlines
UN-76385 Sayakhat - Tesis
UN-76434 Sayakhat - Tesis
UN-76371 Air Kazachstan - Tesis
UR-76636 Volare Air Compagnie
EP-CFC Chabahar Air
EW-78843 no titles
UR-UCT Swiss Trade Aviation Ltd - Switserland
ER-IBE no titles
UR-78821 RIS Airlines
UN-76497 GST Aero
YK-ATB Syrianair
YK-ATD Syrianair
4K-AZ16 no titles
UR-76727 Air Ukraine
UR-UCT no titles

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Postby JFC » Wed Aug 27, 2008 5:55 pm

Wow, that many! This is probably not even the full list? Or is it?
God do I miss them!! Too bad I never had the chance to get them on tape like I do now... :sad:
Hope a TD visit's Ostend one more time... Kinda makes me hope for some horrific earthquake, how desperate am I!!!! :neje:
Classic 4ever!

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Postby callingostend » Wed Aug 27, 2008 6:50 pm

Have a look a little bit further, then you will find the CCCP & RA registered examples...

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Postby Bruspotter » Wed Aug 27, 2008 9:58 pm


Woooow, that's one hell of a long list. Ostend sure honours it's name as 'Illyushin airport' :P.

Wish I had only see more. I've seen a couple but most of the time they where just 'sitting on the apron' :(.

Best regards: Yannick ;)

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