Ostend & Douglas DC-8 series 61 - 62 - 63

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Ostend & Douglas DC-8 series 61 - 62 - 63

Postby callingostend » Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:57 pm

OH-LFZ Finnair
HB-IDZ Balair
F-GDJM Minerve
F-GDJM Cargo Lion
LX-TLA Cargo Lion
LX-TLB Cargo Lion
LX-TLC Cargo Lion
TF-BCV CargoLux
EC-217 Cargosur
EC-230 Cargosur
EC-ELM Cargosur
EC-EMD Cargosur
EC-EMX Cargosur
EC-GEE Canarias Cargo
EI-BNA Aer Turas
EI-CAK Aer Turas
EI-CGO Aer Turas
TC-MAB Birginair
C-FHAA Advance Air Charter
C-GMXY Nationair
C-GQBF Nationair
C-GMXQ Nationair
N8955U Saturn
N8956U Saturn
N8765 Capitol International
N4907C Capitol International
N907CL Capitol International
N910CL Capitol International
N920CL Capitol International
N8762 Capitol International
N8955U Seaboard World
N8956U Seaboard World
N8955U EFS Bahamas
N8956U EFS Bahamas
N8788R EFS Cargo
N810EV Evergreen International
N811EV Evergreen International
N815EV Evergreen International
N817EV Evergreen International
N818EV Evergreen International
N819EV Evergreen International
N27UA Fine Air
N8962T TIA Trans International
N4864T TIA Trans International
N4865T TIA Trans International
N4867T TIA Trans International
N8786R TIA Trans International
N871TV TransAmerica
N780FT Flying Tigers
N787FT Flying Tigers
N6162A Airlift International
N181SK no titles
N802MG Kalitta American International
N811CK Kalitta American International
N812CK Kalitta American International
N813CK Kalitta American International
N815CK Kalitta American International
N816CK Kalitta American International
N817CK Kalitta American International
N864F ONA Overseas National
N866F ONA Overseas National
N868F ONA Overseas National
N61CX ATI Air Transport International
N728PL ATI Air Transport International
N730PL ATI Air Transport International
N735PL ATI Air Transport International
N784AL ATI Air Transport International
N786AL ATI Air Transport International
N787AL ATI Air Transport International
N861PL ATI Air Transport International
N906R ATI Air Transport International
N6161N Arrow Air
N8968U Arrow Air
N791AL Arrow Air
N941JW Arrow Air
N661AV Arrow Air
N8969U Arrow Air
N810BN Arrow Air
N906R Arrow Air
N867BX Burlington Express
N868BX Burlington Express
N784AL BAX Global
N990CF Emery Worldwide
N996CF Emery Wordlwide
N997CF Emery Worldwide
N959R Emery Worldwide
N797AL Emery Worldwide
N345JW CLA Air Transport
N811CK Kitty Hawk International
N865F Murray Air
TF-MKG MK Airlines
TF-MKH MK Airlines
9G-MKG MK Airlines
9G-MKH MK Airlines
9G-MKK MK Airlines
9G-MKN MK Airlines
9G-MKO MK Airlines
9G-MKH all white
Kuwait Airways
ZS-OSI African International
ZS-OZV African International
ZS-POL African International
3D-AJG African International
N8960T Air Cargo Egypt
ST-UAA United Arabian Airlines
9Q-CLG Air Zaire
9Q-CLH Air Zaire
9Q-CLG African Air Charter
9Q-CAD Al-Dawood Air
9XR-SC Silverback Cargo Freighters
N1806 Suriname Airways
N1809E Suriname Airways
N806WA World Airways
N8642 Air-India Cargo
4K-AZ25 Silk Way Airlines
HK-3490X Tampa Colombia
OB-R1222 Aeronaves del Peru
9G-AXA Air Charter Express
9G-AXB Air Charter Express
9G-AED Air Partners
9G-AXC Meridian Airways
9G-AXD Meridian Airways
9G-AXE Meridian Airways
9G-AXA Meridian Airways
9G-AXB Meridian Airways

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