Ostend & Boeing 727 series 200

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Ostend & Boeing 727 series 200

Postby callingostend » Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:12 am

All these are of series 200, the longer version, seen since 1968 :

OO-CAH Constellation
OO-DHS DHL Worldwide Courier
OO-DHT DHL Worldwide Courier
OO-DHU DHL Worldwide Courier
OO-DHV DHL Worldwide Courier
OO-DHX DHL Worldwide Courier
OO-DHY DHL Worldwide Courier
OO-DLB DHL Worldwide Courier
CS-TBR TAP Air Portugal
D-ABDI Lufthansa
D-ABKC Lufthansa
D-ABKH Lufthansa
D-ABKR Lufthansa
D-ABKS Lufthansa
D-ABLI Lufthansa
F-BPJP Air France
I-DIRG Alitallia
PH-AHB Air Holland
PH-AHD Air Holland
PH-AHZ Air Holland
YU-AKB JAT Yugoslav Airlines
YU-AKE JAT Yugoslav Airlines
YU-AKK JAT Yugoslav Airlines
YU-AKL JAT Yugoslav Airlines
EI-BVO Club Air
EI-HCB Hunting Cargo
EI-HCI Hunting Cargo
EI-LCH Hunting Cargo
SX-CBK Olympic
OY-SBE Sterling European
OY-SBN Sterling European
OY-SBO Sterling European
OY-SEZ Sterling European
7T-VEB Air Algerie
TS-JHN Tunis Air
TS-JHR Tunis Air
TS-JHU Tunis Air
TS-JHW Tunis Air
G-BHNE Dan-Air London
G-BPNY Dan-Air London
G-BNNI Sabre
G-BPND Sabre
N8887Z Express One
N6839 Express One
N368PA Express Cargo
N6815 Express Cargo
N308AS Express One
N34415 Hinduya Cargo (full colours)
N59412 Hinduya Cargo (full colours)
N504AV Air Malta (full colours)
ZS-NOV Novair
5H-ARS New A.C.S. (full colours)
N889MA Miami Air
EC-IDQ DHL Worldwide Courier
..... KHBO.be

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