Ostend & Boeing 707 series 420

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Ostend & Boeing 707 series 420

Postby callingostend » Tue Feb 19, 2008 5:33 pm

the 420 model was a noisy Rolls Royce Conway engined model 320 I loved them !
Here are those who visited Ostend since 1968 :

G-APFH BEA Airtours
G-APFK BEA Airtours
G-APFO BEA Airtours
VT-DJI Air-India
9G-ACK Geminair (full title & Lufthansa colours, later she appeared in full new colours)
9Q-CPM Zaire Aero Service (full title - ELAL old colours)
9Q-CMD BCF Aviation (Business Cash Flow... full colours)

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