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Ostend & Boeing 707 models 120 & 120B

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 5:08 pm
by callingostend
This contains the short body 707 model 120 & 120B The only model 707 not seen at Ostend was the 220, only 5 were produced and the first one crashed on her delivery flight to Braniff

Here are the visitors at Ostend since 1968 :

OO-TEC T.E.A. Trans European
OO-TED T.E.A. Trans European
G-AVZZ Laker Airways
PH-TVA Transavia Holland
VP-BDE Bahamas World
C-FPWV Pacific Western
12669 U.S. of America
34612 U.S. of America
86971 U.S. of America
N3941A Tratco (Jamahiryan Air Transport colours)
9Q-CBD Lukim Air Service (Air Fret colours)
EL-AKA Air Gambia
SU-FAB Misr Overseas Airways (full title & Egyptair old colours)
SU-FAB Egyptai
HR-AMG Omega Air
N707JT Qantas - J. Travolta